2024 Seaside Half Marathon and 5K Run

2024 Seaside Half Marathon and 5K Run

The 22nd Seaside Half Marathon and 5K Run, situated in the picturesque town of Seaside, Florida, has become a beloved running event that offers participants breathtaking coastal views along the Gulf of Mexico. This eagerly anticipated event is scheduled for Sunday, February 18, 2024, so make sure to mark your calendars. The race is organized by the Seaside Neighborhood School and relies on the dedication of numerous volunteers. It serves as a crucial fundraiser for the school, with all proceeds directed towards supporting various programs and initiatives for local students.

Seaside Half MarathonThe half marathon course is both scenic and manageable, offering mostly flat terrain with iconic coastal vistas. The route begins in Seaside and takes runners westward through Watercolor, across Western Lake, heading towards Grayton Beach, and finally reaching Blue Mountain Beach before making a turn at Gulf Place. If you prefer a shorter race, the 5K course is a more accessible option suitable for runners of all abilities, making it an excellent choice for newcomers and those seeking a more relaxed race experience. Along the way, expect enthusiastic race fans to cheer you on, providing a continuous boost of energy.

Both the half marathon and 5K races are open to participants of all ages and skill levels, encouraging everyone to set their own pace while savoring the awe-inspiring surroundings. Beyond the main races, there’s a plethora of enjoyable activities and events for the entire family to relish. These include a kids’ fun run, live music, and a post-race celebration, all of which contribute to the community spirit of the event.

The Seaside Half Marathon and 5K go beyond being mere races; they are a testament to community, uniting people to celebrate health, well-being, and the natural beauty of the Seaside region. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a novice just embarking on your running journey, this event provides an exceptional opportunity to challenge yourself, have a great time, and contribute to a noble cause. If you’re seeking an enjoyable and fulfilling running experience in a stunning locale, don’t miss the chance to register for the Seaside Half Marathon and 5K!

Why Run?

The proceeds generated from the Seaside School Half Marathon + 5K play a crucial role in supporting the Seaside School, Inc. Established back in 1996, The Seaside School, Inc. stands as one of the earliest and most enduring public charter schools in the state of Florida. The school’s journey began with just thirty-six students, two dedicated faculty members, and a single administrator, catering to students in the sixth through eighth grades.

Today, they’ve witnessed significant growth and expansion, and now serve students from the fifth through the twelfth grades, with an enrollment of over 450 young minds. Over the past 25 years, their dedicated staff, engaged parents, and the supportive community have consistently propelled the Seaside Schools, comprising the Seaside Neighborhood School and Seacoast Collegiate High School, to attain recognition as educational leaders both at the state and national levels.

Their enduring commitment to growth and excellence, following what their charter pioneers envisioned a quarter-century ago, remains steadfast. Fueled by unwavering support, a spirit of exploration, accountability, scholarship, independence, dreams, and relentless effort, our students celebrate their diversity and gain a deep understanding of how they can contribute uniquely to society.

Seaside School Race Weekend Schedule

Thursday: Locals and Sponsors Packet Pick-Up, details TBD

Friday: Taste of The Race, Seaside Neighborhood School and Lyceum 6:00-9:00PM

Saturday: Race Expo, Seaside Neighborhood School and Lyceum, 12:00-4:00PM

Sunday: Half Marathon + 5K


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