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Grayton Beach Catering & Events

Grayton Beach Catering & Events has become a beloved staple in the local community since its humble beginnings over a decade ago. Founded by Cheri Peebles and her son Donald “Scooter” Reeder, this family-owned and operated business has grown from a small coffee shop and gathering spot in Grayton Beach to one of the most sought-after catering and wedding companies on the Emerald Coast.

Grayton Beach Catering & Events
photo credit: Grayton Beach Catering & Events

Cheri and Donald’s passion for creating magic is evident in every aspect of their business. From the quaint coffee shop to the beach bonfires and shrimp boils, they have always sought to encompass all the beauty and magic of the area in their offerings. As they expanded their business to include live music and a space for local artists to showcase their work, they continued to focus on providing a unique experience for their customers.

As lifelong locals, Cheri and Donald know the area inside and out, and they are able to bring that knowledge and passion to their catering and wedding planning services. With Donald and his crew overseeing the culinary side of things and Cheri and her team handling the planning, marketing, and day-of coordination, Grayton Beach Catering & Events has become a one-stop-shop for couples looking to make their wedding dreams come true.

One of the key factors that sets Grayton Beach Catering & Events apart is their talented Executive Chef, Blake Bohannon. Blake has been cooking along the Gulf Coast since he was fourteen years old, and he decided to make cooking his career just before high school graduation. He went on to study at the prestigious Johnson and Wales culinary school and landed an internship at the longtime favorite 30A restaurant, Criollas. After a stint at Commanders Palace in New Orleans, Blake found himself back on 30A, where he has been ever since. Over his career, he has worked in some of the best kitchens and with some of the best chefs along the Emerald Coast, including Lake Place, Fish out of Water, and Borago.

With Blake’s knowledge and talent, Grayton Beach Catering & Events is able to offer a wide range of culinary options to their clients. From traditional Southern fare to creative, upscale dishes, their menus are designed to delight the taste buds and leave a lasting impression. With their focus on using local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible, they are able to showcase the best that the Gulf Coast has to offer.

It’s not just the food that sets Grayton Beach Catering & Events apart. Their attention to detail and commitment to creating a unique experience for each client is what has made them a local favorite. They take the time to get to know their clients and their vision for their special day, and they work tirelessly to make that vision a reality. Whether it’s a beachside ceremony or a formal reception, they have the expertise and experience to make it unforgettable.

The local community has taken notice. Grayton Beach Catering has won numerous awards and accolades over the years, including being named the “Best Caterer” by Emerald Coast Magazine for five consecutive years. Perhaps the greatest testament to their success is the countless satisfied clients who have raved about their experience with Grayton Beach Catering & Events. My wife and I are two of those raving fans! We trusted Cheri and Donald to host our wedding at Monet Monet and it was their first wedding at that location! Since then, we’ve trusted them to host other events for our family and friends.Grayton Beach Catering & Events


In a world where everything seems to be moving faster and faster, Grayton Beach Catering & Events offers a welcome respite. They embody the slower, more relaxed pace of life that has made the Grayton Beach area such a special place. They take the time to savor the moment and appreciate the beauty around them, and they bring that same philosophy to their work. For anyone looking to create a truly special event, Grayton Beach Catering & Events is the perfect choice.

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