Modica Market | Seaside, FL

Modica Market | Seaside, FL

At a glance from the average visitor, Modica Market Seaside, FL may appear to be nothing more than a typical store where people on vacation shop. However, after living in the area for almost 20 years and frequenting Modica Market, I can paint you another picture of a quaint shop where lifelong relationships blossom. Back when Mr Modica was still around, I witnessed visitors come to the market looking for Mr Modica. They wanted to stop by and say hi on their first day back in town. Oh sure, they would see him throughout the week, but Mr and Mrs Modica’s smiles and warm heart really left a lasting impression on people coming into the store. That kind of welcoming spirit runs through the family tree and you will see it shine through in Charlie Modica (Jr) and Carmel Modica who keep the show going. This family-owned and operated market has been around Seaside since the 1980’s serving the needs of visitors and second home owners in Seaside and the surrounding areas. They were around for many years before South Walton ever thought about having a Publix shopping center.

Modica Market
Happy Birthday, Elise!

Recently, I popped in to Modica Market for their delicious Fried Grouper sandwich with a c0-worker from my office. You cannot really just “pop” in and get a Grouper Sandwich. They sell them only one day a week and certain times of the year, but I cannot tell you everything! 😉  Don’t tell anyone else, but they have the best fried Grouper on 30A.

This time of year is what we call the “shoulder season,” which essentially means if you are lucky, you can find a parking place in Seaside, amongst the fall breakers. As we sat down to eat our Grouper Sandwiches, I talked to at least a dozen locals, all who were just stopping in for a quick lunch. I looked across the room and I saw one of my customers. I sold their home a year ago in old Seagrove, and they moved away. I asked her why she was in town and learned that she was back in Seaside to celebrate her birthday. She had a few parties thrown in her honor by close friends and she wanted to stop by the market and say high to everyone. (When they lived here, she made a morning and afternoon ritual of walking up to Modica Market for coffee or a visit.) As we continued to eat, Charlie Modica walks over to wish her a happy birthday and pointed out that he made a sign in her honor. I thought to myself, I don’t know what is cooler.  a) to have a special surprise happy birthday sign in your honor on the wall at Modica Market, or b) having a market where people drive across states to come and visit and just say hi.  Both are winners in my mind.

Modica MarketThe Modica family has a special market in Seaside. The food is tasty and the location is great, but its the relationships built over years which people like me and Elise coming back time after time. To all who are a part of Modica Market, continue to keep up the good work. You have a very unique place in the world.Modica Market




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