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Save the Sea Turtles Nesting on 30A Beaches

Save the Sea Turtles

Save the Sea TurtlesSave the Sea Turtles in our oceans by doing a few helpful things when you visit the beach. Here in South Walton, we have several species of Sea Turtles which crawl upon our beaches, usually at night, to dig a hole in the sand on the beach or at the edge of the sand dune. These animals are out of place on land and not so mobile. Please be sure to fill in any holes you (or others) dig on the beach. Sometimes, we dig holes to use the sand to make sand sculptures, and there are some really good artists visiting our beaches. However, please remember to keep the sea turtles in mind when you are ready to leave the beach for the day. Fill in these holes, and flatten the castles and sculptures. Not only will it keep the sea turtles  from becoming trapped, but it will also prevent beach goers from falling in the holes while on a evening stroll. Please do your part to educate others and let’s keep the sea turtles alive and thriving in our oceans.

Other helpful tips are to remove all your beach gear when you leave the beach for the day, including all of your garbage. Pack it in and haul it out! One other tip is when you go onto the beach at night during the sea turtle nesting season, if you chose to use a flashlight, please make sure it has the red filter and do not shine on a sea turtle, should you cross paths. If you are staying in a Gulf front property, please keep the lights off on the beach side of the home or condo. Turtles use the moonlight to navigate back to the sea, so the man-made light disorients the turtles.

Please continue to visit us at the beach and enjoy our precious treasures. Thanks for helping!

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