Never, Never, Never Give Up!

by Murray Balkcom, Broker

We all have heard it before, “Never, never, never give up!”  (Winston Churchill) Watching the BCS Championship game between Auburn University and Florida State University last night, both teams showed that they have been coached with this same philosophy. Auburn scored to take the lead with only one minute, eleven seconds left on the game clock. Excitement ran through the veins of Auburn fans. However, 1:11 left on the clock may as well be 15 minutes for the team with the Heisman winner leading FSU from the quarterback position. FSU drove the entire length of the field and scored the last touchdown to end the game victorious. From this UGA DAWG, congratulations to both Auburn and FSU for playing every play with vigor until the end of the game. Both teams earned their place in the championship game. Never, never, never give up!  (Go DAWGS!)