At the Heart of Seaside, FL

Seaside, FL – Home to Central Square Records and Sundog Books, Seaside, Florida has much to offer. We are all familiar with the online shopping store, One of’s best features in my opinion is the recommendation feature for books and music. “Other people who bought this, also bought this….”

In Seaside, both Central Square Records and Sundog Books are like having your own quaint and personal, but instead of having a computer give you suggestions, the staff at each of these stores does just that. They actually give you more than title suggestions. If you tell them what you peaks your interest, they have the perfect recommendation.

Everyone who works in Central Square Records loves music. Collectively, the staff can tell you almost anything about any band, song or album, even obscure collections. They can also tell you what’s happening on the local music scene. The store is loaded with CD’s, vinyl albums, record players, ukeleles, magazines, tee-shirts, poster art, Jittery Joe’s coffee, plus much more.  Also, please remember to visit and like their facebook page to learn about their next in-store performance. Some great bands have come through their doors for the live performances.

At Sundog Books, the same is true of their staff. You receive the best service and great recommendations for books. Every staff member loves to read and they are passionate about books. Need a recommendation? They have just what you need. You can also find & like their facebook page to keep up with them online. In addition to finding books, you may also occasionally find an author, like Lynn Nesmith, signing copies of 30A Style, or Susan Haltom signing her latest book, One Writer’s Garden: Eudora Welty’s Home Place, while here for Escape to Create.

There is so much more to each of these businesses than four walls. They are part of the lifeblood which make Seaside, “Seaside.” Both stores are rare gems in today’s business world. It’s no fluke that they share similar business philosophies and the same building. Bob & Linda started the two businesses many years ago and more recently, sold the record store to long-time record store manager, Tom, and his wife Jenny, who continues to manage Sundog Books. These  two stores are located in the heart of Seaside, on Central Square. Stop by both stores and pick up a treat for yourself.