Growing Up in South Walton

Ahh, parenthood is a great thing. “Baby Lake” is growing like a weed! When I was a young child, people often told me that I was “growing like a weed.” I now know the truth of that phrase as I look at baby Lake. Almost every day, I notice how baby Lake has changed or grown. He’s now just over three months old and is “growing like a weed.”

I cannot think of a better place to raise a child than South Walton. The beach is his backyard and the state forest and state parks are his playground. There is little to worry about compared to many places. People, both locals and visitors, are generally caring and nice people. While South Walton has a small town feel, many people in our area are well-traveled and bring a spark of magic with them to share. Unlike Panama City Beach and Destin, South Walton draws more families and nature-oriented people. South Walton is also an place where the arts shine. The lifestyle is very casual and easy-going. I’m proud to call South Walton home and look forward to baby Lake meeting so many wonderful people as he grows up in South Walton.

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