Yahoo Travel Adds Santa Rosa Beach to Best Beaches of 2011

by Murray Balkcom (The Premier Property Group)

Kate Hamman, of Yahoo Travel, recently featured a story on the 10 Best Beach Destinations for 2011, in which she includes Santa Rosa Beach in the list. Hamman says that asked their readers and “scoured the world for 10 places that embody the perfect beach getaway for 2011.”

Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Photo: Gregory Moine/Flickr

What I find amazing is that out of the 10 best beaches in the world, three are in the USA (one in Hawaii, one in California, and Santa Rosa Beach, FL). The SoWal (South Walton) beaches have a big draw of people from all over the southeastern United States, and with newly added direct flights to many cities in the southeast, travel to Santa Rosa Beach is even more accessible.

Many days, you will find the Gulf water crystal clear and emerald green and you can see the bottom of the sandbar offshore from sitting on top of a kayak. The white sandy beaches squeak with a welcomed hello as you walk across the loose tiny pieces of quartz which has washed down from the Appalachian Mountains over millions of years. Maybe that quartz adds to the healing powers of the beach. You’ll have to come for a visit and discover for yourself what makes this beach hit the top 10 beaches in the world for Yahoo Travel.

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